Japan’s Gaga Corp. is to unveil an untitled film from maverick director Sono Sion (“Tokyo Tribe” “Why Don’t You Play in Hell?” “Himizu”).

The film is an adaptation of the Wakasug Kiminori comic book “Minna! Esper Dayo!,” in which a high school student wakes with the power to read minds. He discovers that there are others with similar powers who are using their gifts for nefarious sexual purposes and determines that he will instead fight erotic terrorism.

The comic was previously made as a TV series for TV Tokyo with Sono co-directing alongside Irie Yu, Tsukikawa Sho and Suzuki Taichi. Sometani Shota, who recently starred in “Parasyte” and “Himizu,” starred in the TV series and returns for the movie.

Release by Gaga in Japan is set for September.