HK FilMart: Contents Panda Sells Documentary Prequel to ‘Roaring Currents’

Next Entertainment World
Courtesy of Next Entertainment World

A documentary prequel to “Admiral: Roaring Currents,” the biggest film of all time at the South Korean box office, is set to get a local theatrical release in April.

The documentary, “Roaring Currents: The Road of the Admiral,” involves key staff from the original story. Kim Han-min returns as director, but also appears as one of the leading characters, along with Otani Ryohei, who played the Japanese spy in the hit feature.

The prequel delves into the background and battle preparations of the underdog Korean admiral Yi Sun-sin, who beat a larger and more powerful Japanese navy through cunning battle plans.

Next Entertainment World’s recently launched international sales arm, Contents Panda, is launching the documentary at the Hong Kong FilMart.