TOKYO – The latest feature installment in the long-running “Dragon Ball” action anime series will be the first Japanese film to theatrically bow in the 3D IMAX format.

Titled “Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no F” (literal translation: “Dragon Ball Z: The R in Resurrection”), the picture will open on 18 3D IMAX screens on April 18, with Toei and 20th Century Fox co-distributing.

The ‘F’ in the original title stands for ‘’Frieza,” an intergalactic tyrant who battles the doughty hero, Son Goku, and his fellow defenders of the Earth from various alien threats.

Tadayoshi Yamamuro directs, but the film’s concept, script and character designs are by series creator Akira Toriyama.

The previous series entry, the 2013 “Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods,” also opened in IMAX theaters, but not in 3D. It earned $25.3 million at the Japanese box office.