Eric Khoo’s first feature “Mee Pok Man” and Yonfan’s “Bugis Street” will play in a special classics section of the Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF).

“’Mee Pok Man’ and ‘Bugis Street’ are two classics that not just tell a Singapore story, but also reflect a milestone of an era for our filmmaking industry. They have inspired bolder voices since their premieres in 1995 and are exemplary of the quality storytelling our filmmakers are capable of. As both films mark their 20th anniversaries this year, it is fitting for the Festival to celebrate their legacies,” said SGIFF executive director, Yuni Hadi.

“Mee Pok Man,” about a street food vendor who falls in love with a prostitute, played at over 30 festivals including the first Busan festival. Set in a more liberal era than today, “Bugis Street” is a glossy tribute to a time of multicultural and sexual mixing. It will be presented in a recently restored version “Bugis Street Redux.”

Singapore this year celebrated its 50th anniversary of independence.