Chinese superhero comedy “Pancake Man” (“Jian Bing Man”), which features cameos from Jean-Claude van Damme, is set to get a North American release on July 24.

“Pancake” and Hong Kong-made sports action picture “To the Fore” will both be distributed by Milt Barlow’s specialty company Asia Releasing on behalf of rights holder Magnum Films.

“Jian Bing Man,” which is a Wanda Pictures release in China, is the tale of a street pancake vendor who gains superpowers from the breakfast dishes he serves. It is directed by Da Peng and stars Chinese actors Ada Liu (“Badges of Fury”) and Yuan Shanshan (“One Day”) and includes Hong Kong comedy favorites Eric Tsang and Sandra Ng.

“To the Fore,” backed by Emperor Motion Pictures, represents a shift in tone for well-known genre and thriller director Dante Lam. The cast includes Eddie Peng, Shawn Dou, and Siwon as competing cyclists, with Hong Kong’s real-life cycling track stars Sarah Lee Wai Sze and Wong Kam-po in supporting roles. The film was shot in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taiwan, Italy, Korea, and the Tengger Desert. Asia Releasing will give it an outing on August 7.

The company has recently handled North American and multiple territory releases of “Triumph in the Skies,” ”Don’t Go Breaking My Heart 2,” “12 Golden Ducks” and “The Left Ear.”