HONG KONG — The four day Chinese New year celebrations were a boom period for cinema-going in Hong Kong.

Box office over the period (Feb 18-21) rose by 21% according to data from Hong Kong Box Office Ltd. provided by the Motion Picture Industry Association. In four days it hit US$8.01 million (HK$62.1 million), compared with US$6.59 million (HK$51.1) million in the equivalent period last year.

The chart was headed by 3D Japanese animation “Doraemon: Stand By Me” with US$1.62 million (HK$12.6), ahead of “Triumph In The Skies,” a Hong Kong produced spin-off from a popular TVB series of the same name. “Triumph earned US$1.38 million (HK$10.7 million). By Sunday (Feb.22 ) the two had advanced their cumulative scores to US$2.97 million (HK$23.0 million) and US$2.09 million (HK$16.2 million) respectively.

In third place – and likely to be the only title that also appears in the mainland Chinese top ten over the same period – is “The Man From Macau II” (aka “From Vegas to Macau”) a sequel to last year’s Chow Yun-fat-starring Hong Kong-style gambling comedy. “Macau II” managed US$1.27 million (HK$9.91 million) and ended Sunday with a cumulative of US$1.82 million (HK$14.1 million). Fourth place went to male prostitution comedy “12 Golden Ducks” with US$1.26 million (HK$9.28 million) and a Sunday cumulative of US$1.81 million (HK$14.0 million).

Lesser places went to “Madagascar,” “An Inspector Calls,” “Shaun The Sheep Movie,” and “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf – Amazing Pleasant Goat,” the seventh film in the “Pleasant Goat” China-HK animation franchise.