Action adventure movie “Point Break” topped the weekly box office chart in China, which is now in a new ‘blackout’ period. Chinese period comedy “Surprise” won the weekend.

“Point Break,” in its second frame, earned $18.8 million, according to data from Ent Group. It extended its cumulative score to $30.7 million after 10 days.

That is a good result for DMG, the Chinese group that co-invested alongside Alcon Entertainment. The company was keen for it to beat the disappointing score for its previous English-language title “Transcendence” which despite the presence of Johnny Depp clocked only $21 million earlier this year. Marketing for “Point Break” emphasized the authenticity of the stunts and the extremities of the extreme sports. As with its opening, it scored stronger on the week days than over the weekend, suggesting it connected better with fan boys, rather than family audiences.

“Surprise” stormed the charts, while still technically in preview. Its official release date is Dec. 18, but it was in vast numbers of theaters from Saturday (Dec. 12) and topped the chart on Saturday and Sunday. In its first two days the Bona Film Group release played nearly 69,000 screenings and amassed $17.5 million – enough for second place on the weekly chart, and fourth place globally, according to Rentrak.

Taking “Surprise” out early takes advantage of the state-organized blackout period when only Chinese films can enjoy revenue sharing releases. And it allows “Surprise” to do some business before competition from “Mojin – The Lost Legend,” which also has a Dec. 18 release date and is expected to be one of the biggest films of the year. “Mojin” (previously known as “The Ghouls”) has the might of Wanda, Huayi and Enlight Pictures behind a starry cast, a popular young adult novel and the directing prowess of Wuershan.

The Martian” slipped from first, but continued to do good business in third place. It added $12.5 million for a cumulative total of $87.9 million after 19 days.

Local titles “Fall In Love Like A Star” and “Impossible” continued in their second weeks, taking fourth and fifth place, with scores of $7.35 million and $6.72 million respectively.

New release, “The Master” took $4.85 million in four days, for a $5.03 million total including previews.

“Our Times” added $3.90 million in its fourth week, extending its cumulative total to $55.3 million after 25 days.

“Go Lala Go 2” added 2.78 million in its second week, for a 10 day total of $6.96 million.

“The SpongeBob Movie – Sponge Out of Water” soaked up $2.34 million in its second week, for a 13 days total of $7.51 million.

In tenth, “Oh My God” earned 2.18 million for a 10 day total of $8.43 million.

Now outside the top ten chart, “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2” was confirmed by Lions Gate as accumulating $22.3 million in China.