Home-grown youth fantasy adventure picture, “Mojin – The Lost Legend” lived up to the pre-release hype and blasted its way to the top of the Chinese box office charts.

In its opening weekend the film clocked $93.4 million according to data from Ent Group. (Rentrak had shown it on $85 million.) That was earned from 255,000 screenings and represented 16.6 million spectators.

Second placed film, “Surprise” was a long way behind. It earned $23.5 million in its official first three days. Taken together with wide pre-release previews, “Surprise” stands on a cumulative score of $41.1 million.

“Mojin,” previously known as “The Ghouls,” had everything going for it. These include a slick and smart director in Wuershan, a starry cast headed by Chen Kun, Huang Bo, Shu Qi and Angelababy. It is based on a popular series of young adult novels involving ghost hunting. And the film had the industrial might of Wanda Pictures, Huayi Brothers and Enlight Pictures behind it as co-financiers and distributors.

The film’s per screen average, nearly double that of “Surprise,” points to genuine popularity. Daily figures showed “Mojin” winning each day of the weekend, including a huge $35.7 million Saturday.

Point Break” was easily deposed from the top place and slipped to third. But it continued to do steady business and earned $7.34 million, pushing its 17 day total to $37.9 million.

The Martian,” released in late-November, added $3.66 million, pushing its total to $91.5 million after 26 days.

With no other major releases, minor places were largely filled by Chinese holdovers.

“The Master” took $3.19 million for an 11 day cumulative of $8.23 million. “Impossible” took $2.12 million for a 17 day cumulative of $17.4 million. “Fall In Love Like A Star” took $2.02 million for an 18 day cumulative of $24.8 million. “Forever Love” added 1.93 million for an 10 day cumulative score of $3.30 million. “Our Times” added $1.30 million for a 32 day total of $56.2 million. Bringing up tenth place was 2013 motor race drama “Rush” with $1.25 million, for $3.02 million after 10 days.

Without a Jackie Chan picture or a Feng Xiaogang-directed blockbuster in the pre-Christmas season, and “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” not opening until January, “Mojin” looks to have the field clear to itself for another couple of days. Releases of Huayi’s “Mr Six,” Enlight’s “Devil and Angel,” and romances “Youth Is A War” and “Anniversary” are all set for Dec. 24.