A surge of new releases over the National Day holiday period failed to completely dislodge “Lost In Hong Kong” from the top of the Chinese box office chart. Local films filled the top four places and accounted for over 90% of the week’s total.

In its second week of release, “Lost” added $102 million, a drop of only 5%. That pushed its cumulative total to $209 million after just ten days and makes it the fifth biggest film of the year in China. It accounted for fully 43% of week’s box office.

But action adventure “Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe” scored a strong second place as it expanded from previews into a full release. With five days of release, it achieved $66.1 million, and a cumulative of $69.2 million including previews.

In third place was another local comedy “Goodbye Mr. Loser.” It scored $40.3 million in its first five days of full release and has a cumulative of $42.0 million including previews. “Loser” scored particularly strongly on Sunday, when it managed $12.3 million, ahead of “Lost” with $11.5 million.

Crime action film, “Saving Mr. Wu” with Andy Lau in the lead role, managed a mildly disappointing $12.9 million in its first five days. Including previews, it has a $15.0 million cumulative.

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Hollywood animation, “Minions” was the top import title. It scored $6.19 million, down only 32%, and has advanced to $65.6 million in total after 22 days.

“Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation” added $3.33 million, down 70% week-on-week, to extend its total to $135 million after 27 days.

Minor places were taken by: “Balala The Fairies: Princess Camellia” with $3.09 million in four days; “The Third Way of Love” with $3.08 million in its second week, for a 10 days cumulative of $7.52 million; animation “The Tale From the Orient” with $0.5 million in four days; and, $0.45 million for horror-fantasy “The Mirror” which has struggled to just $0.89 million after 10 days.