SHANGHAI – “20, Once Again,” the Chinese remake of Korean hit “Miss Granny” topped the box office in China over the past week. But it was challenged over the weekend by new opener “The Seventh Son.”

For the week to Sunday body swap comedy “20, Once Again” added $19.4 million, giving it a cumulative score of $39.5 million after 11 days.

Over its first three days of release (Fri-Sun), “The Seventh Son” scared up $16.0 million.

“Night At the Museum: Secret of the Tomb” slipped from first to third place adding $11.3 million and talking its 15 day score to $42.5 million.

“The Taking of Tiger Mountain,” a war action film that was the big hit over Christmas, took a further $7.94 million in fourth spot, lifting its cumulative total to $136 million.

Wong Kar-wai’s 3D conversion “The Grandmaster 3D” added $4.79 million, nearly doubling its cumulative score to $9.83 million after 11 days.

Another reissue, Stephen Chow’s 2004 comedy classic “Kung Fu Hustle” took $2.84 million in its first four days.