“Fast & Furious 7” (aka “Furious 7”) extended its record performance at the top of the China box office. But in a market characterized by high octane performance it was one of five films that enjoyed strong scores, while other titles were left largely stalled.

“Furious 7” took $45.6 million in its third full week of release, dropping only 38%, and pushing its cumulative total to $371 million after 22 days. If it is allowed to run its standard 28 days, the $400 million mark could be in reach.

Chinese-made romance “You Are My Sunshine,” in its first four days of official release earned a strong $35.7 million for a total score of $37.8 including previews. Chinese romance and youth drama “The Left Ear,” last week’s second-placed film, slipped to third, but increased its gross to $32.7 million, for a 10-day score of $64.4 million.

“Helios,” the Hong Kong actioner that closed the Beijing festival, could only manage fourth place in its opening weekend. It managed $20.7 million in four days.

DreamWorks Animation’s “Home” added $13.3 million in its second week of release. That was a 64% increase that lifted its 10-day total to $21.3 million.

Below these five newcomers and holdovers alike registered only minimal performances. War action film “Wolf Warriors” earned just $1.81 million to push its 32-day cumulative score to $86.0 million; Chinese romance “Ever Since We Love” tumbled from third place to seventh adding $1.63 million for a cumulative score of $23.6 million after 17 days; U.S.-made crime action film “Sabotage” with Arnold Schwarzenegger added $1.26 million for a 10-day total of just $3.79 million; Chinese romantic comedy “Lovers and Movies” opened with $1.14 million; and Sylvia Chang’s drama “Murmur of the Hearts,” which was the opening film of the recent Hong Kong festival, opened with $840,000.