AFM: Chin Han to Shine in U.S.-Chinese Indie ‘A Different Sun’

Chin Han to Shine in U.S.-Chinese
Courtesy of Echelon Talent Management

Singapore’s most successful acting export Chin Han is returning to the U.S., but taking a time out from his Hollywood trajectory to star in a Chinese indie movie.

Chin Han, who has Hollywood credits that include “The Dark Knight,” “2012” and Netflix’s “Marco Polo” TV series, has joined as the male lead in U.S.-set Chinese drama film “A Different Sun.” The picture is now shooting in upstate New York.

Written and directed by Reed Tang, “A Different Sun” is the story of a young couple that emigrates from China to Germany with their young daughter. It chronicles the pain of transitioning to a different country and the pressures that can put on a marriage.

The script is based on the critically acclaimed short story of the same title by Liu Ying.

The picture is produced by Wild Invention Pictures and Monolith Pictures.

Chin Han next appears in Roland Emmerich’s “Independence Day: Resurgence.”  He is managed by Andrew Ooi for Echelon Talent and Van Johnson.