The Japan Day Project got off to a quirky start Saturday with Asuna, a human-like robot, addressing audiences in Cannes.

“It was a long flight from Tokyo,” Asuna said. “I’m here to remind the world that Japan is a creative country filled with innovative ideas. Please come chat with me at the Japan Pavilion this weekend.”

Next step is Monday’s “All-Japan Summit: Power Players Panel,” a discussion involving many of the industry’s top executives.

Confirmed speakers include: Tsuguhiko Kadokawa (chairman of Kadokawa); Kyoko Kashiwabara (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan); Yokichi Osato (director and chairman, Amuse); Jay Sakomoto (president & CEO, Shochiku); Yasushi Shiina (director general, Tokyo International Film Festival); Yoshishige Shimatani (president, Toho); Tom Yoda (president & CEO of Gaga Corporation).