Cannes: Israel’s ‘Afterthought’ Picked up by Match Factory (EXCLUSIVE)

Cannes Poster 2015
Courtesy of Cannes Film Festival

“Afterthought,” the Israeli film that premieres as a special screening at Cannes next month, will be handled globally by the Match Factory.

An existential comedy set on Mount Carmel, the film (aka Hayored Lema’ala) is Elad Keidan’s debut feature film after his short film “Anthem,” winner of the Cinefondation Award in Cannes in 2008.

The story sees two men both on the mountain, one climbing, one descending, and with differing objectives. Will fate bring them together or keep them on separate tracks? Well-known Israeli actors Itay Tiran (“Forgiveness,” “Lebanon”) and Uri Klauzner (“Kadosh,“ “Kippur“) play the leading roles.

The film was produced by EZ Films head Elie Meirovitz,  associate producer of Silver Bear winner “Aferim!” and Eitan Mansuri of Spiro Films, whose producer’s credits include “The Congress” by Ari Folman.

“‘Afterthought’ is a wonderful first film reflecting Elad’s freshness and talent that you rarely come across. Elie and Eitan are wonderful producers. We are really enthusiastic with establishing a relationship with EZ Films while at the same time we are most happy to continue our successful collaboration with Spiro Films,” said Michael Weber, managing director of the Match Factory. “We look forward to the great journey Elad and his film will set off too in a couple of weeks in Cannes.”

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