The huge loss of life caused by the earthquake in Nepal has sparked an outpouring of sympathy from the film industry.

The film community in India, which is geographically and culturally closest to Nepal, was quick to react. Many took to Twitter to express their hopes and fears.

“Praying for the people of Nepal who must have been affected by this terrible earthquake – very worrying images on the news,” said Soha Ali Khan. “My prayers are with the people whose lives have been disrupted by the massive #earthquake,” said Madhuri Dixit.

Many Bollywood names felt tremors from the 7.9 degree quake, which struck on Saturday morning local time.

“Freaky! Felt the tremors of an earthquake here in Delhi. The whole room shook. My experience of a first earthquake. Hopefully the last one,” said Arjun Rampal. Others felt it in Agra, Gurgaon and Chandigarh.

Shah Rukh Khan, India’s biggest star, gave a practical as well as an emotional response. “May Allah look after all. Here r the emergency contact numbers for Nepal, share, help. Prayers with all in Nepal.”

“Seeing devastating pictures and news of the earthquake in Nepal! Prayers that all is well and all are safe!,” tweeted Amithabh Bachchan, Bollywood’s senior citizen and one of the most followed online. Bachchan, who shot 1983 film Mahan” in Nepal, also took to his own blog for more commentary.

“In the face of such disaster, we mourn with them that have been displaced or lost to the heavens. It is a most horrid site to see those buildings in absolute destruction… some of them of great heritage value,” Bachchan wrote.