Sales agency, Arclight Films has struck multiple pre-sale deals for “Lost In The Pacific,” a 3D Chinese sci-fi adventure film that sees a luxury airline flight get into difficulties over the ocean.

The film stars Brandon Routh (“Superman Returns”) and Chinese actress Zhang Yuqi (“White Deer Plaiin”) and is directed with predominantly English-language dialog by Vincent Zhou (“Last Flight”).

Arclight is seeking to co-ordinate a global day-and-date release at the end of this year. Distributors committed to theatrical outings with the picture include theatrical release Viswaas (India), Aqua Pinema (Turkey), Ram Indo (Vietnam), Pioneer (Philippines) and Pt Prima (Indonesia).

Producers have employed a similarly international crew. VFX is headed by supervisor Bruce Jones (“The Italian Job.” “Star Trek”), art director Ian Bailie, (“Atonement,” “Pride and Prejudice”) and Scott Winig as director of photography. Sound editing is supervised by Oscar-nominated Kami Asgar and Sean McCormack. Oscar-winning Mark Paterson (Les Miserables) did the final sound mix.

Production took place from Spring 2015 at the Pinewood Malaysia Studios where Netflix’s “Marco Polo” TV series was shot.

The story of a futuristic ‘Titanic in the sky’ sets a group of elite passengers on board the plane’s inaugural luxury, transoceanic flight in 2020.

Sydney- and Los Angeles-based has previously handled Chinese films including “Wolf Warrior,” “14 Blades,” and “Special ID.” Arclight’s Ying Ye is an executive producer.