“Edge of Tomorrow” star Emily Blunt is the latest Hollywood name to join the voice cast of “Animal Crackers,” an independent animated feature backed by Chinese finance.

Blunt will play Zoe, one half of a married couple with John (played by John Krasinski) whose family life is turned upside down when they inherit a rundown circus and a mysterious box of Animal Crackers, which magically changes the person who eats them into animals.

Scott Christian Sava is co-directing with Tony Bancroft (“Mulan”) from a script he co-wrote with Dean Lorey.

Blunt joins a cast that already includes Sylvester Stallone, Ian McKellen and Danny DeVito.

The film is produced by Blue Dream Studios in a partnership with Beijing Wen Hua Dongrun Investment Co. and China Film Co. Australian independent sales agent Odin’s Eye is representing the international rights. Release is set for mid-2016.

Other key credits go to character designer Carter Goodrich, and Jamie Thomason as voice and casting director.

Besides Sava, “Animal Crackers” producers are George Lee and Marcus Englefield from Storyoscopic Films, James Thomason and Leiming Guan. Financing the movie are exec producers Mu Yedong on behalf of Wen Hua Dongrun Investment Co.; La Peikang, board chairman of China Film Co.; and Sam Chi for Landmark Asia.

“Animal Crackers” is the first independent animated feature for Blue Dream Studios, which has been producing animation for TV and film for Hollywood’s major studios since 2000. The company has expanded into publishing its own graphic novels, one of which, “The Luckiest Boy,” was purchased for production by Fox in 2014.