Books are the main elements to the design aesthetic at Fox’s Animation Domination High-Def production studios in Hollywood. Lots of ’em, and all courtesy of the abundant, curated collection of late Capricorn Records co-founder Phil Walden, father-in-law to ADHD head Nick Weidenfeld. The books are everywhere: There’s “The Sound and the Fury” among the tomes neatly piled on a table or “Hollywood Babylon” by Kenneth Anger helping to fill one of the built-in shelves throughout the refurbished Spanish-style building, including a wall-to-wall shelf in the main conference room, and also one in Weidenfeld’s own office, which is tucked away in the back, with a view of recently-shuttered watering hole the Cat & Fiddle.

Weidenfeld stresses that having “tangible, real books” works well to counteract a tech environment — even one dedicated to animation — that’s heavily staffed by people under 28.


“A PA was walking around reading a copy of ‘Animal Farm,’ ” he says, adding that creative director Ben Jones was inspired by the drawings in old comics collections.

The ADHD team’s goal is to make the space feel like a home while also, as production executive Hend Baghdady points out, balancing the creative and corporate worlds.

A circular stairway in the lobby leads to an open kitchen area on the second floor, which is adjacent to a backyard patio and garden. The team went for furniture and fixtures — including the entryway’s cloud-shaped lights, designed by local art collaborative FriendsWithYou — that were either family heirlooms or pieces created by people known to the staff.

“I remember a Fox executive was here, and was like, ‘Wow, there are no Formica tables,’ ” Weidenfeld says. “Of course there are no Formica tables!”

But there’s lots to read.