YOUR MAMA’S NOTES: Professionally much-decorated and internationally renowned “South Park” co-creator Trey Parker has quietly sold one of his many Los Angeles properties, an essentially vacant residential parcel just below the Getty Center in L.A.’s low-key but high-priced Brentwood area, for $4.8 million.

SELLER: Trey Parker
LOCATION: Los Angeles, Calif.
PRICE: $4.8 million
SIZE: 1.25 acres

The celebrity-skewering and gleefully ferocious socio-cultural button-pusher purchased the gated property in August 2005, and die-hard real estate yenta Yolanda Yakketeyyak swears on a two-mile-high stack of Benjamins that Mister Parker briefly occupied the premises with his first ex-wife, Emma Sugiyama. At some point Mister Parker razed the 1.25-acre estate’s main residence, which dated back to the early 1920s according to the L.A. County Tax Man, to make way for what was surely to be a much larger and more grand home. Listing details reveal the property was sold with existing plans, but we don’t have any inside intel on whether the new owner will make use of them.

The property was put on the open market in early February (2015), and listing details indicate that at the time of its sale it still had several small structures of unknown size and utility, a swimming pool, terraced gardens and a couple of big ugly holes in the ground where the main house once stood. Within three weeks the property was put in to escrow and sold in late May, according to property records, for $4.8 million. Luckily for Mister Parker, the Platinum Triangle real estate market is electrified with a veritable army of deep-pocketed buyers and investors so the property sold, most likely in multiple offers, for $205,000 above the $4.595 million asking price. In theory that’s a great thing for Mister Parker’s already bulging bank accounts, but in reality, the sale price is a not insubstantial $200,000 less than the $5 million he paid for the property 10 years ago, not counting a decade of carrying costs, demolition expenses and real estate fees.

Mister Parker, who can claim five well-deserved Emmys and a Peabody Award for “South Park” — now in its 18th season — and four Tonys and a Grammy for co-writing and directing the Broadway mega-hit “The Book of Mormon,” maintains an impressively extensive portfolio of multimillion-dollar residential properties in at least five states. He continues to own a multiresidence compound in a celeb-packed pocket of the Hollywood Hills, and two years ago, about the time he and his former exotic dancer wife Boogie Tillmon had a baby, Mister Parker shelled out a smidgen more than $13.888 million for a 12,271-square-foot Spanish Colonial mansion on a mansion-lined street in Brentwood.

Our research show he also owns a modestly sized if hardly inexpensive house near downtown Pacific Palisades and a walled and gated micro-compound just off hipster-packed and stroller-clogged Abbot Kinney in Venice as well as another smaller cottage nearby plus a condo in Marina Del Rey. His holdings outside of LaLa Land include a spacious, seven-room spread in a full-service pre-war building in Midtown Manhattan, a river-front spread near Lihue on the eastern shore of Kauai, a three-bedroom condo in the Belltown area of Seattle, Wash.; and a 7,000-ish-square-foot ski chalet and Japanese tea house on over three acres in Steamboat Springs, Colo., that he shares — or, at least, originally shared — with frequent professional co-conspirator and fellow “South Park” creator Matt Stone.

Listing photos: Coldwell Banker