SELLERS: Miley Cyrus and/or Billy Ray and Letitcia “Tish” Cyrus
LOCATION: Toluca Lake, Calif.
PRICE: $5.995 million
SIZE: 8,700 square feet, 6 bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms

YOUR MAMA’S NOTES: We’ve now heard from no fewer than three kind and generous celebrity real estate snitches — the first of whom ironically identified herself as Donatella A. Sohl — that Billy Ray and Leticia “Tish” Cyrus — the famous parents of internationally renown entertainer and all around naughty young lady Miley Cyrus — have officially listed their longtime family home in Toluca Lake with an asking price of $5.995 million.

Property records show Missus and Mister Cyrus — who last year released an unfortunate hip-hop version of his catchy 1992 hit “Achy Breaky Heart” along with a downright weird video — purchased the property in May 2007 for $5.838 million. This, of course, was back in the heyday of young Miley’s skyrocketing fame as Disney darling Hanna Montana and long before she put on her rebellion boots to pole dance, twerk and tongue wag her way to gossip glossy superstardom.

Anyhoodles, poodles, here’s where real estate matters get a mite confusing, so put on your thinking caps and see if you can follow along. In March 2009, a blind trust known by every celebrity property gossip worth their own spit to be linked to a then just 17-year-old Miley Cyrus paid $3.4 million for a Toluca Lake compound once owned by Freddie Prince Jr. and located right around the corner from the Cyrus family mansion that’s now up for sale. To be honest, children, Your Mama isn’t sure if young Miss Cyrus ever actually occupied the newly and extensively renovated compound, but we do know, because property records show it, that in November 2012 the aforementioned blind trust quit-claimed the compound over to Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus who, on the very same November 2012 day, quit-claimed their longtime Toluca Lake mansion — the one that’s now up for sale — over to the very same blind trust everybody knows is linked to Miley. Does that mean that the manse currently up for grabs is, technically, owned by Miley? Maybe. We’ll let y’all parse the details and decide that matter amongst yourselves.

The approximately 8,700-square-foot mansion — listing details describe it as a “Tuscan Inspired Compound” — was designed by Montecito-based architect Bob Easton and built in 2008 on a 0.62-acre flag lot that backs up the five-acre-plus Bob and Dolores Hope Estate, newly relisted at $23 million. Interior and exterior architectural details include copper rain gutters, wrought iron accents, rustic wood beams, a red clay tile room, “Ivy Infused Walls,” and several carved stone fireplace mantels. There are formal living and dining rooms, a small room just for hanging guitars on the walls, a center island kitchen and a family room (with fireplace and wet bar) along with a home theater with lurid, blood-red lounge seating. The mansion appears to have had most of its furnishings and day-core removed and, based on the strange bits of furniture and ephemera left behind as seen in listing photographs — let’s not even go there about that horrific tufted chaise in one of the otherwise empty bedrooms — this property gossip thinks that was a wise decision.

The entire property is secured with a camera-equipped security system, and there are six bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms and — not at all surprisingly — extensive, custom-fitted walk-in closets and dressing rooms, at least two with cheetah print carpeting. High walls of trees and shrubbery provide privacy for the property’s grounds that include a sizable motor court (and three-car garage) at the front and a flat lawn with swimming pool and spa and a skateboarding ramp at the rear.

As far as we know, Mister and Missus Cyrus, who filed for and then twice canceled divorce proceedings in 2013, still own a sprawling country spread about 30 miles south of Nashville in bucolic Thompson’s Station, Tenn., and we’re just going to foolishly assume without any direct knowledge that one or the other or both of them decamped their “Tuscan Inspired” mansion for the aforementioned freshly rehabbed compound around the corner. As for naughty Miss Miley, she still lives in — or at least owns — a 5,173-square-foot, low-slung and heavily fortified contemporary ranch house in the hills above Studio City that she picked up in June 2011 for $3.9 million.

Listing photos: Dilbeck Real Estate