YouTube personality Mamrie Hart will headline “#HeyUSA” season two for Condé Nast Entertainment — but she’ll do a run of five cities this time without co-star Grace Helbig.

In the second season of “#HeyUSA,” Hart will visit five cities and explore each one with fan-selected YouTube stars: Jenna Marbles (14.8 million YouTube subscribers); Tyler Oakley (6.6 million followers); Colleen Ballinger, better known as “Miranda Sings” (5.7 million); Kingsley (3.0 million); and Flula (490,000).

Helbig, who now has a show on NBCUniversal’s E!, is still involved: She’s acting as the “puppet master” to decide which cities Hart will visit. Helbig will reveal each new location at the top of every episode.

The second season of “#HeyUSA” is slated to debut April 16 on CNE’s The Scene, with episodes to be posted a few days later on CNE’s distribution partners YouTube, AOL, Yahoo, Roku and Dailymotion. New episodes will be released every Thursday and Sunday. (Disclosure: Variety is a partner for Condé Nast’s The Scene.)

In another new development, “#HeyUSA” signed Hilton Hotels & Resorts as the premiere sponsor of the show — so Hart and friends will be staying at Hilton properties throughout the show’s run.

In the first season of “#HeyUSA,” Helbig and Hart went on an eight-week road trip across the U.S. with fans determining where they went and what they did next. That garnered 6.39 million total views across multiple platforms and 3.85 million social engagements. This year, Helbig and Hart will exec produce again, along with Bleecker Street Entertainment’s Ken Treusch and Vincent Nastri.

“#HeyUSA” is produced by Astronauts Wanted, the digital content studio headed by Judy McGrath, former CEO of MTV Networks, and chief creative strategist Nick Shore.

“I am so excited to hit the road with these YouTubers, especially since we’ve never traveled together before,” said Hart. “There might be hijinks, there might be drama, but there will definitely be…. vodka. Especially since Grace Helbig is in charge of my destiny. Truth be told, the more I talk about this, the more I am regretting this entire dynamic.”

Hart, a comedic actress, writer, and performer, rose to prominence on YouTube with her show “You Deserve a Drink,” gaining over 800,000 subscribers, along with 449,000 followers on Instagram and 340,000 on Twitter. She is releasing a memoir, “You Deserve a Drink,” on May 26 through Plume Books.

Last year, Hart co-starred with Helbig and Hannah Hart (no relation) in comedy “Camp Takota,” which was exec produced by the three of them and produced by Fullscreen chief content officer Michael Goldfine. Screenplay was written by Mamrie Hart and pic was directed by brothers Chris and Nick Riedell. Netflix acquired streaming rights to “Camp Takota” last year.