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Michael Stevens is the energetic voice of Vsauce, a science education channel dedicated to answering big, unexplored and often absurd questions like, “What if everyone jumped at once?”

Content Style: “We cover science, but also psychology, history, geography and other subjects. All the Vsauce channels make videos about curiosity, about feeding the human desire to learn things and the excitement of finding out that there are questions out there you hadn’t even thought of yet.”

Audience Target: “I keep everything safe for the whole family, with the exception of some of the topics being a bit scary. I focus on what would I have wanted to hear, from when I was 8 years old to today.”

Strategy: “Every episode is what I’ve been obsessed with for the last couple of weeks. I think the humor adds to it, but at the end of the day, I’m throwing out a lot of good dinner-party material. The next time someone asks about black holes, you’ve got 17 crazy things about black holes to share.”

Knew He Hit It Big When: “I think it was the video ‘What Color Is a Mirror?’ When I made that video, I hadn’t done a lot of just informative videos yet, and that one was shared really widely. I think it tapped into the niche of the kind of questions you think about in the shower, but then also (includes) serious answers.”

In Five Years: “My goal is to keep my channel and the core three channels doing what they do best. If we have fun ideas, I want to make it possible to achieve those, but I’d like to launch more channels covering different genres, different types of interest areas, and also bring in talented people from different backgrounds so we can represent more of the Earth.”

Next Challenge: “How to build a team to get bigger. I have no experience in traditional production, so I don’t know what it takes to hire craft services and a line producer and showrunner. I shot a pilot last year, and that was mind-blowing. So the first challenge is how do we create that team so that Vsauce can be more than just two videos per month, and can instead be a giant empire of information.”

Secret to Success: “Making a lot of stuff. I didn’t start Vsauce as it is today. If I hadn’t have been forcing myself to make videos constantly, or if I’d been more precious about what I made, especially in the beginning, I don’t think I would have progressed as fast.”

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