Twitter-owned social video-sharing service Vine added new features to its iOS and Android apps Friday that make it easier to discover music through the service. iPhone users also got some music-focused editing tools that will help them more seamlessly synchronize their clips to music.

On the discovery front, Vine has added a small music icon to some of the posted videos. Once a user taps on it, the app automatically displays which song was used for the loop.


Users who produce content for Vine with their iPhones got some additional features Friday: A new “Snap to Beat” feature uses beat matching to produce better audio loops, and a selection of featured songs helps users to select popular tunes for their Vines.

Vine’s new focus on music is interesting, in part because Twitter has long struggled to embrace music for its products. The company launched a dedicated music app for Twitter in 2013, but killed the app less than a year later. Twitter’s planned acquisition of the music-sharing service SoundCloud also fell apart last year.