Vimeo is relaunching its iOS video editing app Cameo Thursday with a new version that wants to be less like Vine: Gone is Cameo’s social feed, and gone is also the artificial time limit of two minutes or less.

Cameo users can instead now use an unlimited number of clips on their phone, set them to music, add themes, titles and transitions and turn them into videos of any length. “It’s not unrealistic to make an hour-long movie on your phone” with the app, said Cameo co-founder Andy Thomson during a recent interview.

IAC-owned Vimeo has in recent months heavily focused on its Vimeo on Demand platform, which allows filmmakers to sell their movies to an online audience. However, Vimeo CTO Andrew Pile said that Cameo fits in well with the growth of mobile video. “Over half of our consumption happens on mobile,” he said, adding that mobile videos also make up a growing share of uploaded content on Vimeo.

Vimeo’s new version of Cameo is iOS-only, for now — but Pile said that the company is exploring bringing it to Android as well — and that he is personally excited about the growing momentum of high-end, large-screen Android phones