Vidity 4K Ultra HD Specs Released

SCSA eyes stimulating content ownership

Vidity Logo
Courtesy of Vidity

The Secure Content Storage Association announced Wednesday the availability of specs for Vidity, a technology allowing consumers to easily move around the 4K UHD content they purchase to virtually all their devices.

Vidity is intended to make consumers much more comfortable with buying and collecting 4K UHD movies, and other filmed content, knowing they will have full control of managing and moving their high-quality digital movie libraries. Movies will play on any device, at any time, without the need for an account, device activations or connection to the Internet for playback.

Vidity enables locally stored playback of 4K Ultra HD, with support for High Dynamic Range, and HD movies across multiple devices.

“The single most significant aspect of this announcement is that for the first time, there will be a solution that will enable the highest-quality-possible content to be made available to consumers in the most robust and flexible way,” said David Huerta, general manager of the SCSA.

He also noted that Vidity is complementary to streaming entertainment platforms such as UltraViolet and others.

SCSA was founded by 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, SanDisk, and Western Digital. It now has over 50 industry leading companies as contributors including Samsung, Qualcomm Technologies, LG, Xiaomi, Comcast, Intel, Sky UK, Cisco, Sprint, Broadcom, ARM, Seagate, Akamai, DTS, Dolby and Walmart.