Chelsea Handler has never been one to shy away from taboos and her new Netflix series, “Chelsea Does,” will prove it by documenting it all on film.

The new trailer for the series shows the comedian concentrating on four heated subjects: marriage, racism, Silicon Valley and drugs. In it, she talks to a dummy, discusses marijuana with Willie Nelson and tries on a Pepto Bismol-colored wedding dress. As to be expected from fans of Handler’s humor, there’s also lots of drinking and stealth one-liners.

“Netflix, they’re very well known for letting talent drive its own car,” Handler said last summer during a panel at the Television Critics Assoc. “They give you the structure that you need and they let you drive … it’s such a pleasure to work with people that have faith in you and let you blossom.”

“Chelsea Does” is set to debut Jan. 23 on Netflix, a day after it premieres at the Sundance Film Festival.