Verizon is getting ready to launch its mobile-centric Go90 video service as early as next Tuesday: The company put up a splash page for Go90 this week, encouraging consumers to “go90 to watch, cut & share all the awesome.”

The website doesn’t include an official launch date, but it did briefly offer an interesting clue: The Go90 customer agreement briefly included the wording “Effective date: September 8, 2015” when first published.

Did Verizon just accidentally reveal the launch date for its Go90 service?

Did Verizon just accidentally reveal the launch date for its Go90 service?

A Verizon spokesperson declined to comment on the launch date when contacted by Variety, instead just saying that “go90 will not be like anything you’ve seen from us before.” The company subsequently removed any reference to September 8.

Go90 will offer consumers free access to mobile video content through iOS and Android apps.  Variety exclusively first reported about Go90’s branding and many additional details in July.

The now-published splash page confirms a number of details from our earlier report:

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  • Go90 will be free to use. From the customer agreement: “Go90 is provided free to you as the service is supported by advertisements.”
  • Go90 will offer users a way to slice clips and share small segments. Again, from the customer agreement: “Go90 will provide the opportunity to create ‘cuts,’ meaning short clips from Content we select.  You can share these cuts with go90 users or others.”
  • There will be Verizon exclusives: “Some go90 Content may be available only to Verizon Wireless customers.  Some go90 Content may be available only on specific devices such as those with a specific screen size range, for example, seven inch screen or smaller.”

Verizon previously said that it will offer content from partners like Scripps, DreamWorks, Vice, ESPN and CBS Sports through Go90. Bloomberg reported last week that Verizon plans to add NFL content and more next year.