DGital Media has signed an exclusive audio deal with Upright Citizens Brigade to join its Comedy Voices audio network.

Under the deal, DGital Media will work with UCB to produce, distribute and market existing podcasts as well as create new content. The current UCB podcasts will include “Hooray Show with Horatio Sanz,” “Bear Down” with Matt Walsh and screenwriter Scot Armstrong, “Revenge of the Podcast” with comedian Griffin Newman and critic David Sims, and The UCB Digital Podcast,” which is a behind-the-scenes look at the comedy business with writers of “SNL’s” Weekend Update, “Key and Peele” and more.

“I love podcasts, I’ve been doing mine for nine years,” Walsh, who helped create UCB along with Matt Besser, Amy Poehler and Ian Roberts. “Digital technology makes it so easy to produce them and on-demand is the way people get their entertainment today.”

“We are honored and thrilled to partner with such an influential and important brand in the business of comedy,” DGital Chief Content Officer Chris Corcoran said. “The UCB is all about creativity, discovery, and influence and it will headline our Comedy Voices on-demand audio platform.”

The UCB is also moving in to producing more of it’s own content. They made another deal last month with NBCUniversal to launch a comedy subscription channel called Seeso.