That was quick: Just two weeks after rolling out its new Moments feature for curated content, Twitter has begun to bring advertising to Moments. The first Promoted Moments campaign for the MGM, Warner Bros., and New Line Cinema movie “Creed” will go live this Sunday, according to a Twitter blog post.

Twitter uses Moments to aggregate notable tweets around certain topics, including news events and TV show episodes, with a heavy focus on big images and auto-play videos. Moments are curated by an editorial team, which uses Twitter’s own analytics to determine the most popular and notable topics.

From the beginning, Twitter has also teamed up with other media brands, with the Washington Post, Buzzfeed and the New York Times being among an handful of partners able to curate their own Moments.

Similarly, advertisers will now be able to combine a series of tweets to a Moment, which will be live on the service for 24 hours. Promoted Moments will be clearly marked as ad content, but otherwise use the same visual language as other stories on the service. Twitter plans to have one of those “promoted Moments” each day, the company told Bloomberg.

Twitter has hired a number of journalists and media professionals to curate its non-ad Moments. Team lead Andrew Fitzgerald told Variety earlier this month that his team will be completely isolated from any revenue-generating initiatives. “It’s a pretty strict church and state divide,” he said.