Tube Centrex is releasing its Microsoft Windows 10 and Xbox One video apps to partners, at no cost for the first year.

The New York-based company said it will continue to offer iOS and Android apps at the lower in-app revenue cut of 10% share. The company’s platform syncs with YouTube to allow content creators to continue using the Google-owned video platform. Content creators that do not use YouTube as the primary video platform, according to the company, will not be able to use this opportunity.

“Windows 10 platform and Xbox One present the biggest opportunity for OTT and TV Everywhere video apps,” said Fahad Khan, Tube Centrex co-founder, CEO and chief product architect. “Developers are always fascinated by architectural innovations in software engineering tools and development platforms. We believe the introduction of Windows 10 development platform, which allows publishing of apps to Xbox One, is the biggest thing that has happened for developers, since Apple introduced the App Store. Things are even more exciting for OTT and TV Everywhere video apps and platforms, which will see a lot of innovation in the next one or two years including screen-casting capabilities not seen before.”

Tube Centrex is based in Edgewater, N.J., with additional offices in L.A. and Singapore.