Streaming music service Rhapsody is getting ready to unveil a new user interface for children. The new interface, which will accessible within the existing Rhapsody app, will feature a curated selection of music, presented with a focus on the real stars in the lives of toddlers and preschoolers. No, not Miley and Taylor, but Ernie and Bert, Mickey and Spongebob.

Here’s a preview video showing off the new section:

Rhapsody hasn’t revealed a whole lot of additional details about the new section, only saying that it will be available “soon” for both iOS and Android, and pointing out that this is the first time a music service has catered to children this way.

But the company clearly took some inspirations from Netflix, which launched a dedicated user interface for kids four years ago. Children (and their parents looking for a few quiet moments) have since become some of Netflix’s biggest users — and Rhapsody is clearly looking to replicate that success story in the music space.