Apple Music who also happen to be customers of T-Mobile don’t have to worry about going over their data caps anymore: T-Mobile is now giving Apple Music users unlimited streaming over the company’s mobile network, and won’t count any of it against its users monthly data allotments.

T-Mobile first started to exempt select music streaming services from data caps a year ago. Customers of the carrier can now use a total of 33 services, including Spotify, Pandora and SoundCloud, without incurring any mobile data usage. However, not all T-Mobile plans qualify, and some functionality, like video streams and music downloads, is exempt from the exemption.

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Critics were wary of T-Mobile’s so-called Music Freedom initiative when the carrier first introduced it last June, with some suggesting that it may violate net neutrality principles by treating some traffic differently than other services.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere brushed over those that kind of criticism Tuesday by declaring that the company isn’t asking music services to pay to be exempt. “Music Freedom is open and free to every legal music streaming service out there,” he said, adding that the feature has been very popular with T-Mobile subscribers. “They now stream over 131 million songs every single day – up an amazing 275% from a year ago, when we launched Music Freedom,” he said.