Spotify got a new trick up its sleeve to keep users hooked: The music subscription service has started to compile weekly personalized playlists for its users, promising two hours of “new discoveries and deep cuts” based on both a user’s listening history and the behavior of users with similar tastes.

These new “Discover Weekly” playlists are being made available within Spotify’s apps and via the service’s web player every Monday. “There’s never been a simpler, more personalized way to discover music, with every playlist tuned just to you every single week,” said Spotify’s VP of product Gustav Söderström.

Spotify is using automated curation to compile “Discover Weekly,” which sets the company apart form Apple Music and its focus on human curators and traditional radio-like experiences. Spotify’s automated approach also showcases one of its strongest assets: data. A little over a year ago, Spotify acquired the music-focused big data startup the Echo Nest, which has analyzed more than 1.2 trillion data points about people’s music consumption.

Spotify clearly seems to believe that all this data makes for better playlists than human curators, and “Discover Weekly” is its latest attempt to prove its point.