First, Spotify recommended you a playlist for your week. Now, it also wants to give you some suggestions on what to do over the weekend: The streaming music service added a new concert discovery feature to its iOS and Android apps Thursday.

The new “Concerts” feature is based on a user’s listening habit as well as their location. Spotify has teamed up with live music discovery startup Songkick to get a steady supply of tour dates, which should be beneficial for both companies: Spotify can use the new feature to keep people hooked to its service and make better use of its huge treasure trove of music intelligence data, and Songkick can tap into and monetize Spotify’s huge audience.

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Songkick used to be one of the startups that participated in Spotify’s app platform, which gave companies a way to run their own services within Spotify’s desktop client. However, Spotify shut down that platform a year ago, in part because listening habits have moved massively to mobile, and away from the company’s desktop app.

Spotify’s concert discovery feature also comes at a time when other music services are increasingly trying tap into merchandising and ticket sales as well. Deezer teamed up with Bandpage last month to add e-commerce to its service. Apple Music is expected to offer similar functionality through its Connect social network.