SoundCloud updated its iOS app Thursday with features that make it easier to listen to a Pandora-like stream of music, automatically generated based on a single song.

SoundClound users can now search for any song, and then start an automatically generated stream of similar songs by selecting “play related tracks.” SoundCloud also added a shuffle feature to its iOS app, making it easier to shuffle through all of the songs in a user’s collection of favorites.

Both features are clearly geared toward music listening, and can be seen as further signs for the company moving to more closely compete with online radio services like Pandora as well as on-demand streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.

SoundCloud recently struck a deal with indie label licensing group Merlin for its upcoming music subscription service, but the company has yet to get all the majors on board. Last month, Sony removed music of its artists from SoundCloud after negotiations between the two companies stalled.

Correction, 1:18 p.m.: An earlier version of this story stated that the new features would make it possible to generate an endless music stream. A SoundCloud spokesperson subsequently contacted us to clarify that the stream is in fact long, but finite.