20th Century Fox is the first sponsor for Snapchat’s new Lenses animated-selfie feature, launching a promo for “The Peanuts Movie” on the messaging service on Halloween.

The “Peanuts” lens will animate Snapchat users’ selfies with candy corn streaming into their mouths as Snoopy dances by their side in a pumpkin patch. Woodstock frolics atop your head while the iconic “Linus and Lucy” theme song plays.

The sponsorship is part of Fox’s marketing campaign for “The Peanuts Movie,” which hits theaters Nov. 6. Other digital promos include “Get Peanutized” character generator. “The Peanuts Movie” lens will be available in the U.S. on Saturday, Oct. 31 for 24 hours, starting at 12 a.m. PT.

In addition, Fox is sponsoring two location-based overlays on Snapchat for “The Peanuts Movie” on Halloween, one for daytime hours and the other a night-themed filter. Those will let U.S. users share a Snap message framed by “Peanuts” characters.

Snapchat launched Lenses last month with effects that let users add vomiting rainbows to a selfie or show them transmogrifying into a monster.

To use the selfie lenses, Snapchatters must press and hold the screen when their camera is in selfie mode; the “Peanuts” lens will appear in the first slot at the bottom of the screen.

The social service, built around private messages that vanish after 10 seconds, is estimated to have more than 100 million users, with more than 50 million aged 13-24.

Snapchat is charging $750,000 daily for a peak-usage day — like Halloween — and $450,000 for non-peak days for the sponsored Lens, the Financial Times reported earlier this month.

LA-based digital agency AvatarLabs designed the “Peanuts” Snapchat lens for Fox. Among the creative decisions it encountered in creating the millennial-targeted creative, according to a rep: “Should a river of candy corn vomit out of a users mouth or flow into it?” (Answer: definitely in.)

This month Snapchat shut down its original programming unit, which had been developing content for the service’s Discover platform. With the move, Marcus Wiley, a former exec with broadcast network Fox who joined Snapchat in May, exited the company. Snapchat’s Discover current media partners include ESPN, BuzzFeed, Comedy Central and Vice.