If you’ve ever used Snapchat, you’re already well aware of the frustrating design choices the team made for viewing photos and videos through the app. In order to watch a friend’s Snap or Story, you have to press and hold down on the screen for the duration of the Snaps, which felt awkward and forced you to cover up part of the screen.

Everyone disliked but endured it until Wednesday, when Snapchat announced that it was replacing press-and-hold with Tap to View.

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“Today marks a pretty big change for Snapchat — you no longer have to press and hold the screen to view a Snap or Story — instead, simply Tap to View!” writes Team Snapchat. “This means no more tired thumbs while watching a several-hundred-second Story… and a little getting used to for anyone who has been Snapchatting for a while. We think you’re going to love it!”

That’s not the only change in the new update. Snapchat has also included Add Nearby, a feature that will let a bunch of friends in the same vicinity quickly add each other to their friends lists. Snapcodes have also been improved with the ability to add selfies to help identify users, and Snapchat has also finally implemented two-factor authentication into its app.

The new update is rolling out now.

Article reprinted with permission of BGR.com.