Seagate has quietly acquired Lyve Minds, the personal media startup led by former Apple executive Tim Bucher this summer. Seagate will continue to support existing Lyve Minds hardware and services, but a previously announced GoPro-like camera likely won’t launch on time, if at all.

Lyve Minds launched a unique internet-connected storage device last year that aimed to back up and organize consumers’ personal media across devices. The device made use of apps to automatically download photos and videos from phones and make them available on TVs, computers and other screens.

The startup was headed by Tim Bucher, who previously was in charge of hardware engineering at Apple, and is credited with being instrumental to the launch of products like the Mac Mini. Bucher joined Seagate with parts of his team, and will now head a newly-formed consumer group together with Seagate SVP Mark Whitby, according to a statement provided by the company. “This will expand Seagate’s breadth of consumer products beyond unique storage devices into cloud-based software, application and services,” the statement reads.

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Seagate had previously invested in Lyve Minds, and the startup was using the company’s hard drives in its storage products. Industry insiders long suspected that Seagate owned a significant stake of Lyve Minds, but both companies never disclosed the amount of the investment.

The actual acquisition this summer was equally hush-hush: Bucher briefly informed customers with a post on the startup’s forums, which is currently unavailable. The Lyve Minds homepage still doesn’t include any mention of it being a Seagate subsidiary, and the company never used its social media accounts to inform customers of any changes. A Seagate spokesperson declined to provide further information about Seagate’s plans for Lyve products, including whether the company has plans to keep selling Lyve’s products, or use the Lyve brand.

Uncertain is also the future of a new product Lyve announced earlier this year: Lyve Cam was supposed to take on GoPro’s line of cameras with 4K video recording and instantaneous backups to Lyve’s storage devices. Announced in May, Lyve Cam was supposed to launch this fall — but it now looks like we won’t see any new products from Lyve this holiday season.