It’s official: Video game accessory manufacturer Razer has acquired some key assets of Android game console maker Ouya. Word of the deal first leaked out last month, and both companies officially confirmed it Monday.

Razer is getting Ouya’s name, software, its online store and developers as part of the acquisition. Financial details weren’t disclosed.

The hardware itself, which got its looks from famed designer Yves Behar, notably wasn’t part of the deal. That’s likely because Razer already has its own game console, the Android TV-based Razer Forge set-top box. The company said Monday that it will transition Ouya users to the Forge, offering discounts to switch to the device, and the ability to keep playing games acquired for Ouya’s console.

Razer acquired Ouya in part because of those games, but the startup also came with another interesting asset: Ouya didn’t just sell its own hardware, it also supplied games to devices from Xiaomi and Alibaba. This could help Razer to grow its services business without having to sell too many devices on its own.

As for Ouya, the acquisition is likely the final chapter for what once was hailed as another Kickstarter success story. Ouya raised more than $8.5 million on the crowdfunding platform in 2012, but its hardware was met with lukewarm reviews when it shipped in 2013.