A new data-science company trying to tackle some of the media business’ biggest measurement problems is launching with a big client already in house: BBC Worldwide.

Led by CEO Wared Seger, Los Angeles-based Parrot Analytics has created a cross-platform “demand rating” to help companies trying to assess opportunities in a global marketplace revolutionized by digital distribution.

David Boyle, EVP of insight at BBC Worldwide, hired Parrot to help understand how to navigate the 200-plus markets in which it functions as either studio, distributor, broadcaster or OTT platform.

“The success of today’s television and production companies is heavily dependent on sophisticated business models which provide data-driven intelligence about consumer viewing interests and behavior,” he said. “Parrot Analytics’ innovative and revolutionary technology provides the accurate demand metrics and analytical tools which will greatly aid the BBC to identify and understand content opportunities which resonate in various markets.”

In a rapidly fragmenting world in which traditional measurement services are proving obsolete, Parrot susses out how receptive any market around the world is to new programming by monitoring an unprecedented range of digital indicators in advance of launch. The company scores a cumulative “demand rating” based on how active a program is in a particular region across social media, piracy, and a broad range of websites where video, photo, blogs and other expressions of fan affinity register.

Parrot’s ratings are intended to help programming buyers and sellers make informed decisions about valuing programming in markets they are considering entry. It could also prove a useful proxy for actual consumption data given big digital platforms are less than forthcoming about how many people are watching their content.

Parrot takes the total number of program-related expressions and weights them according to how significant the expression is; paying for content, for instance, counts more than just doing a search for the same content. The rating is calculated by taking the weighted total and applying it to the population of a given country so that a proportionate scale can be achieved across countries of different sizes.