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The “Paranormal Activity” virtual reality game will hit theaters alongside its film counterpart on Thursday as a free HTC Vive demo for moviegoers. The free demo will be available at select AMC movie theaters across the country until Oct. 24.

Beast Media Group co-managing partner Russell Naftal joked that Thursday will be “Paranormal Activity Day” day since his first-person horror experience will debut with the theatrical release of “Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension.”

“The timing couldn’t be better for the reveal of our ‘Paranormal Activity’ VR Game Demo,” he said. “We’ve created an entirely unmatched horror experience on this amazing new platform.”

The storyline of the game is still being kept under wraps. However, it was previously announced to be completely independent from the plots of the “Paranormal Activity” films.

The VR game is set for a 2016 release that will be playable on all major VR head-mounted displays, including HTC Vive, Playstation VR and Oculus, as well as non-VR games for Steam, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Naftal also told Variety that Beast Media intends to expand the game to mobile VR gaming devices at a later date.

Upon its release, the VR game will include collision detection and allow users to touch every object within the haunted house.

Although “The Ghost Dimension” will be the sixth and final film installment of the found-video-footage franchise, Naftal said that he doesn’t want the story to die.

“If this is successful, we hope to include more,” he said. “We’ll continue this as long as we possibly can.”