Oculus Founder: It Will Take a Long Time for Virtual Reality to Become Mainstream

Oculus press event SF June 2015
Photo: Janko Roettgers / Variety

Oculus founder Palmer Luckey may be the last person you’d expect to be a virtual reality (VR) skeptic, but Luckey nonetheless recently managed to put the hype around VR in perspective.

“Virtual reality is going to take a long time to become something that’s truly mainstream,” he recently told Trusted Reviews (hat tip to VRfocus), adding that VR requires a “a fairly significant investment in computing hardware, a pretty high-end PC.”

Luckey also cautioned that not many people have been able to get their hands on any VR headsets, if only for a brief test. “Whether or not they think it’s great, or they think it’s not good enough yet, many people just haven’t even been able to make that judgement because they’ve never tried VR,” he said.

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Of course, that doesn’t mean Luckey doesn’t believe in VR — after all, he has been working on this technology for four years, and was recently on the cover of Time magazine sporting one of his company’s headsets.

Luckey went on to argue that developers don’t have to target mainstream consumers out of the gate, and that there still will be plenty of people willing to put on headsets. He also said that video games will dominate VR for the foreseeable future, and that the video game industry has been building the foundation for VR for the last 20 years.

Facebook-owned Oculus is scheduled to ship its Rift headset to consumers in the beginning of 2016.