Facebook-owned Oculus announced its second animated movie Tuesday. “Henry,” which is being described as “a heartwarming comedy about a loveable hedgehog,” will be first shown at a premiere event on July 28, and eventually become available free of charge to consumers buying an Oculus headset once those go on sale early next year.

The movie is all about a hedgehog who longs for friendship, but scares away other animals with his spikiness. It plays out entirely in virtual reality, and Oculus is promoting it with its own micro-site. It’s unclear how long the movie will be, or how much Oculus invested in its production; a spokesperson declined to provide further details.

“Henry” has been directed by  Ramiro Lopez Dau, who also did animation work for Pixar films like “Monsters University,” “Brave” and “Cars 2.” Other notable animators involved in the production of “Henry” include Kendal Cronkhite and Bernhard Haux, who have previously worked for Dreamworks and Pixar, respectively.

The movie has been produced by Oculus Story Studio, a unit tasked with advancing story telling for virtual reality. The studio was first announced in January when its first short film “Lost” premiered at Sundance.