Netflix’s new sock designs appeal to its most niche audience yet: tech indulgent, knitting-savvy, do-it-yourself enthusiasts.

Not only can the knit socks be customized with patterns inspired by your favorite Netflix shows — “House of Cards,” “Bojack Horseman,”Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” “Orange is the New Black,” “Jessica Jones” and “Marco Polo,” to name a few — but they also bear discrete sensor technology that submits a signal to your streaming device if you doze off mid-binge, pausing your stream until a later date when you’re more alert.

The catch? Netflix doesn’t manufacture or sell units of these high-tech socks — it only provides free downloadable knitting patterns and intricate step-by-step instructions detailing how to install the sleep detection mechanism. These Netflix socks utilize a sensor method called actigraphy, which detects prolonged periods of stillness. If the device suspects that you’ve nodded off, a red light concealed in the cuff of the sock will flash to warn you that your show is at risk of being paused. If an episode of dark drama “Jessica Jones” is perplexing you to a point of immobility, a simple motion will stop the pause signal from firing.

For Netflix socks’ techiest of wearers, the instructions page offers additional tips to increase accuracy — such as installing additional tech gadgets that strengthen your socks’ signal through a blanket or detect heart rate instead of motion.

Though the complexity and required craftiness of Netflix’s latest project is fairly high — similar to the “Netflix and chill” switch the streaming giant released earlier this fall — the end product is innovative. Master the assembly process and you’ll have a TV-watching aid that may prove useful because, as the Netflix socks promotional video outlines, “we all know what can happen. Episode one turns into episode three.”

Watch the promo video below and refer to the diagrams, codes and full assembly guidelines on Netflix’s instructional page.