Netflix Comedy ‘Club de Cuervos’ Starts Shooting in Mexico

Its first Spanish-language original series, produced by Alazraki Entertainment, to bow globally in 2015

Netflix Comedy 'Club de Cuervos' Starts
Daniel Daza/Netflix

Netflix announced that production has commenced on its first Spanish-language original, comedy “Club de Cuervos,” in various locations in Mexico.

The 13-episode series, slated to launch in all Netflix territories later in 2015, is produced by Mexico’s Alazraki Entertainment. “Club de Cuervos,” which stars Luis Gerardo Mendez (“We Are The Nobles”, “Cantinflas”), centers on a family feud among heirs of a soccer club after the owner’s death.

Produced by Gaz Alazraki, Leo Zimbron and Mike Lam, the story was created by Mike Lam and will be directed by Alazraki for Netflix. The company announced the series order last year.

Cast includes Mariana Trevino (“Una Ultima y Nos Vamos,” “Amor de Mis Amores”), Stephanie Cayo (“La Hipocondriaca”), Daniel Gimenez Cacho (“The Zone,” “Tear My Heart Out,” “Innocent Voices,” “Bad Education”), Antonio de la Vega (“La Mentira”), Ianis Guerrero (“We Are The Nobles”), Jesus Zavala (“Malaventura”), Veronica Teran (“In the Time of the Butterflies”), Emilio Guerrero (“Pulling Strings,” “Capadocia,” “Under the Salt”), Eileen Yanez (“Capadocia”), Carlos Bardem (“The Zone”), Oscar Olivares (“Capadocia”), Sofía Sisniega (“Gossip Girl: Acapulco”) and stand-up comedian Sofia Nino de Rivera.

Pictured above: Luis Gerardo Mendez, Gaz Alazraki and Mariana Trevino.