MyLifeAsEva: No. 4 in #Famechangers Digital Star Ranking

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Blending her how-to channel with comedy elements, Eva Gutowski is a young-skewing style guru more relatable than your average runway model.

Content Style: “It teaches girls and teenagers how to deal with things they would typically have to endure growing up, whether it’s teaching them how to dress for the prom or how to get back-to-school styles cheap.”

Audience Target: “It’s all over the teenage range, guys to girls. I’ve met 9-year-old and 30-year-old fans.”

Strategy: “I take the time to understand my generation and what they want. Whether it’s on Tumblr, Pinterest, or Twitter, I see what they are re-Vining or re-blogging, and incorporate it into my YouTube channel.”

In Five Years: “I really want to get into the clothing business. I’ve been designing clothes with my mom since I was a kid (she will turn 21 on July 29). I also love writing, making longer-form content of ideas and putting them onto the screen, potentially doing a book and writing a feature. Right now, I’m working on writing and producing a short series on my channel.”

Next Challenge: “Back-to-school season is coming up, and it is a huge season, especially for YouTube. Back-to-school videos always do really well for me. I’m working on a school series coming out at the end of August, called ‘How to Survive High School.’”

Secret to Success: “Taking a lot of time to understand what my age group wants. It’s kind of like browsing the Internet for hours and hours late at night, but giving it to (viewers) in one YouTube channel. No one else is giving it to them in that way.”

Biggest Endorsement Deal: “I was recently made the spokeswoman for WallFlower Jeans about two months ago. That’s pretty big for me, because I am following the footsteps of former Disney stars. We are doing video integration with them. Wallflower Jeans is sold in Kohl’s, so I’ll be doing a bunch of tours and meet-ups in stores across the country. I’ll also be featured in advertisements inside stores.”

Knew She Hit It Big When: “I was hanging out with some of my friends who are on television shows, and when we went to get lunch, people came up to me and not them. It was this really weird moment where you’re realizing that the digital world is getting so big, and it’s colliding with everything else.”

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