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This Aussie duo has revved up a full-service video powerhouse devoted to all things cars. (quoted: Blair “Moog” Joscelyne)

Content Style: “We travel to different parts of the world, buy cars and then road trip them while exploring the local automotive culture. We aim to empower our audience by teaching them skills that they can use on their own cars, and often showcase projects that they can do themselves on the weekend.”

Audience Target: “Anyone who is interested in cars, adventure or DIY.”

Appeal Explained: “We’re just two normal guys having these automotive adventures. We’ve never really worked out what it is that made “Mighty Car Mods” one of the most viewed automotive programs in the world, but I think the fact that we are not mechanics means the audience can relate to us as regular people. We are often working things out as we go onscreen, and if we make mistakes, we show it, which is very different than the fully scripted car shows where the presenters are all ‘experts.’ ”

Knew They Hit It Big When: “Police were called to clear a crowd of MCM fans in Los Angeles. Next time we flew into the U.S., the airport was notified in advance, and we were asked to use a private exit.”

In Five Years: “We’ll be running a charity alongside our show to help support the education and livelihood of kids from disadvantaged backgrounds and rural areas to get a foothold in the automotive industry.”

Next Challenge: “Maintaining a level of consistency and quality in our episodes in a media environment where everyone’s appetite for content is insatiable. We also need to keep on top of the quickly expanding aspects of MCM, like our magazine, record label and clothing line. When we kicked off the clothing line a few years ago, the T-shirts were being packed by us on the weekend. Now there’s a team of people working out of a warehouse making sure our products are shipped all over the world, and as this section of our brand grows bigger, we need to remember that our focus need to be building cars and making videos.”

Secret to Success: “From an audience perspective, we are not your stereotypical car guys, and this makes us relatable. On a professional level, we have strived to be as agile and efficient as possible — both with our production and our relationships. When it comes to creating our episodes, we are the whole crew. The two of us shoot, present, edit, compose and upload the videos. Sometimes we get some help, but 95% of the time, it’s just the two of us doing everything. We have a small handful of talented experts who we call on when we need help. It’s a very tight ship, and this keeps things simple and means we can move quickly and proactively.”

Mighty Car Mods By The Numbers

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