Social live streaming app Meerkat isn’t just about mobile phone video anymore: Meerkat added support for select GoPro cameras Thursday.

Owners of a GoPro camera can now stream directly to Meerkat, provided they also call an iPhone their own and have the camera wirelessly connected to the mobile device.

At launch, the functionality is available only for GoPro 3 cameras, but the live streaming startup is promising to add GoPro 4 support soon. A Meerkat spokesperson also confirmed that GoPro support will come to the Meerkat Android app as well.

GoPro support is an interesting new feature for Meerkat, which based on recent data from Adobe has been trailing Twitter-owned Periscope in the social live streaming race. Meerkat also recently added a “cameo” feature that allows to add remote participants to a live stream.

Together, both features could be used by live streamers to produce much higher-quality and more entertaining shows than your typical shaky mobile live stream.