ListenFirst Media has launched a new way to track box office performances.

The company, which provides channel analytics and measurement for networks, studios, brands and agencies, is measuring opening weekend ticket sales based on how much social and digital engagement a film receives. A month before the release of the latest James Bond adventure “Spectre,” the ListenFirst Box Office Tracking Platform estimated opening weekend ticket sales would be $73-$77 million. Estimated as of Nov. 8, the actual ticket sales of “Spectre” ended up at $73 million.

The tracking platform analyzes fan engagement from social and digital outlets like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Tumblr as well as examining critical and fan reviews of films. ListenFirst’s proprietary historical data draws the final analysis.

“While we’ve had no doubt our years of aggregating and organizing historical data across billions of signals from moviegoers would prove critical, we’re thrilled to finally unlock their value in helping project box office performance,” co-CEO and co-Founder of ListenFirst Media Jason Klein said. “Particularly at a time when traditional tracking approaches have proven more limited, we believe the market is ripe for a solution that goes beyond the obvious sources of intelligence. Our success with Spectre is just the beginning of this exciting evolution for the industry.”

ListenFirst Media has a partnership with Variety for weekly reports of Digital Audience Ratings, which tracks engagement for content across leading digital platforms, for both TV and film businesses.