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Playing a mix of original compositions and covers of popular songs, Lindsey Stirling takes music to a surreal level, combining violin, dance and sometimes elaborate costumes.

Content Style: “I love to perform not only music, but to make performances extremely visual, and create almost a magical fantasy. It’s really an uplifting style of art that combines visuals and music in very dreamlike ways.”

Audience Target: “I started making music that I loved and was passionate and excited about, but it was really cool when I started touring to realize it’s an extremely diverse group of people who come out. In the front row, I’ll have everyone from a little girl in a frilly tutu, to rockers and gamers and older couples. I love it that it’s just everybody.”

Knew She Hit It Big When: “I put ‘Crystallize’ up, and within 24 hours it had 1 million views. It was an original song — it wasn’t like it was a cover that got posted on a popular blog — and people were spreading it like wildfire. That’s when I knew my life had changed.”

In Five Years: “I hope I’m still touring and making music and videos. I love everything I do. I haven’t reached a plateau; every time, I get to have bigger tours with more production. I hope the trajectory continues.”

Next Challenge: “I’m going to be writing a new album in the fall, and that’s always a huge test: to know how to reinvent yourself. You always want to make your body of work a challenge from the last one. How do I make it new and exciting? I also want to dabble in a little bit of acting. I don’t know if I’ll be terrible, but you never know until you try.”

Secret to Success: “One of them is that I wasn’t afraid to try something new. I was told over and over again that I was too different. That was when I was going to record labels and talent agents, and no one was willing to take a risk on me. The reason I’ve succeeded is because I’m different, something no one’s ever seen before.”

Lindsey Stirling By The Numbers

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